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Silicon Valley Technology is an ELV, AV, IT and Technology Solutions company headquartered in Myanmar. Established in the year 2017, we have provided quality and reliable solutions to top organizations across the country. We believe in building true & long-term business partnerships with our clients. We have over 6 years of unblemished industry experience. Our uncompromising Quality, fast Project Completion and 24/7 Service Support differentiates us from the competition. We always believe there should be a distinct Value Proposition and measurable Return On Investment in every solutions we provide to our clients.




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Video Surveillance Management (CCTV), Parking Management System (PMS), Access Control System (ACS), Panic Alarm & Intrusion Detection, Public Address System (PA), Gate Control (Turnstile System), & Nurse Call System


Cloud Consultancy
Managed IT & Cloud Services
IT Infrastructure Services
Network & System Monitoring
Proactive Hardware Maintenance


Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX), Master Antenna Television (MATV, DMATV, IPTV), Queue Management System (QMS), Fire Alarm System, Video & Audio Conference System, Digital Signage & Home Automation

A Queue Management System is a technology solution used to manage and control the flow of customers or visitors in queue waiting for a service or product. It aims to improve the customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and reduce wait times by effectively organizing and prioritizing the queue. This system can be implemented in various settings such as banks, government agencies, retail stores, healthcare facilities, and more. It typically includes queue displays, ticket dispensers, and an electronic system to track and manage the queue. A Queue Management System typically operates as follows:

  1. Ticket dispensing: Customers are given a numbered ticket that represents their place in line.
  2. Queue display: A display board shows the current ticket number being served and the number of customers waiting in line.
  3. Priority management: The system allows setting priority levels for certain types of customers, such as elderly or disabled individuals, ensuring that they are served first.
  4. Electronic tracking: The electronic system tracks the status of each customer in the queue and updates the display board in real-time.
  5. Service allocation: The system assigns available service points to customers as they reach the front of the line.
  6. Customer notification: Customers can be notified of their turn via display boards, SMS, or through an app.
  7. Reporting and analysis: The system generates reports and data analysis to help management understand and improve the efficiency of the queue management process.

The goal of a Queue Management System is to provide a fair, organized, and efficient process for customers to receive services, reducing wait times and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Looking for ways to increase the security of your property and keep an eye on things while you’re away? A CCTV system might be just what you need. Check out our top reasons why CCTV is an essential addition to any home or business:

  1. Deter crime: The presence of CCTV cameras can be enough to discourage criminals from attempting to break into your property. If they know they are being watched, they are less likely to take the risk.
  2. Provide evidence: In the unfortunate event that a crime does occur, CCTV footage can provide valuable evidence for law enforcement. With high-resolution cameras, you can capture clear images and footage of the incident, making it easier to identify the perpetrator.
  3. Monitor activity: CCTV cameras are not just useful for detecting crime. They can also be used to monitor activity on your property, such as employees, customers, or visitors. This can help you ensure that everything is running smoothly and detect any suspicious behavior.
  4. Remote access: Many CCTV systems now allow you to access the footage remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This means you can keep an eye on your property no matter where you are in the world.
  5. Cost-effective: Installing a CCTV system is an affordable way to increase the security of your property. And with the advancements in technology, you can now get high-quality cameras at a reasonable price.

So why wait? Protect your home or business with a CCTV system today. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you secure your property.

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